Videos about EREIVET projects of EREIVET partners

 Hi everybody,

here we are going to present some videos about EREIVET.


First a Video from Italy.

Download Folder 2012 - 2015

European Regions Enhancing Internationalization in Vocational Education and Training (EREIVET) - Download Folder


N E T W O R K 2012 – 2015


The LEONARDO DA VINCI network project is finished and the network has sent the final report to the Executive Agency of the European Commission in Brussel. Additionally it has published (see on the bottom right side) the position paper "Conclusions and recommendations from the EREIVET network 2009-2015".

The network EREIVET is very proud to welcome new partners from Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Romania, Spain and Sweden; the adresses will be published ab the beginning of the new year.

The next meeting of the network will take part in May 2016 to plan the next steps and probably projects.

The EREIVET network is invited to present the network in a workshop of the conference "Skills for a lifetime - towards a future proof VET" which will take part in February in Amsterdam and is an event in the frame of the Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the EU.

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