EREIVET Partnership

European Regions Enhancing Internationalisation
Vocational Education and Training




15 partners from 12 countries cooperate together in the network EREIVET in the field of vocational education and training especially to improve learning mobility in Europe.


Other aims are for example:

 - To enhance the cooperation in vocational education and training by
   learning from each other
- To make VET systems transparent
- To get the European transparency instruments (Europass, ECVET)
- To bring the Copenhagen Process into the classrooms 

- To contribute to the European citizienship 


Members of the network are: 

- Regional school authorities

- Networks/clusters of schools of one region

- Big schools or school-centres


The network was created during a LEONARDO DA VINCI partnership project (2010 - 2012) and is now supported by the EU in the frame of a LEONARDO DA VINCI network project. 


The network is still open for new partners - regional or local school authorities - who want to join the network beside the running project. 

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