EREIVET - European Regions Enhancing Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training is a network of regional school authorities, networks/clusters of schools and big schools or school-centres in vocational education and training of 12 countries in Europe (see who we are).

EREIVET is as well the name of the LEONARDO DA VINCI network project  from November 2012 until October 2015 to develop strategies for the enhancement of learning cross-border mobility in Europe. The cooperation in the network includes some other topics, for example the transparency instruments as ECVET and EUROPASS.

During the project duration the network developed micro learning outcome units for the following 3 vocational sectors which can be used for internships abroad of students and apprentices in vocational education and training.:
- Health and Social Care
- Electricians
- Business, administration and services.

These learning outcome units, assesment grids and other information about the ECVET tools for cross-border learning mobility are published on this website under the menu point "ECVET Tools".

You'll find the other publications of the network on the main page in the corner on the right side.

The project EREIVET is also published in the European Projects and Products Portal for Leonardo da Vinci ADAM


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